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coming soooooooooon
K7 of the year
Throwback to 2016, some sci-fi for a school assignment
fun times

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I had the honour of being invited to participate in the collective expo REFORMATION RELOADED 
by the Fumetto Comix Fest

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Visible at the Bourbaki Kino in Lucerne from the 4th to the 22nd of April
check it out if you're in the hood


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yo it's out and I'm in it along with loads of cool people :D more info here

an extract:

petites créatures pour l'exposition Galerie de Portraits à la Villa Dutoit à Genève du 15 sept au 8 oct 2017

A    V    A    L    A    N    C    H    E            M    A    K    E    R
enfin cette histoire de cul dans son entièreté, voici plus d'infos
enjoy :*

wesh Pictobello

"I came here to destroy your face"
These comics could be seen at the 2nd Kaunas International Graphic Art Biennale (Lithuania)
Friday the 5th to Saturday the 20th of May at Kauno menininkų namai (Kaunas Artists' House - www.kmn.lt)
thanks to these dudes :)