with a little help from JLNDKL 

coming soooooooooon
K7 of the year
Throwback to 2016, some sci-fi for a school assignment
fun times

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I had the honour of being invited to participate in the collective expo REFORMATION RELOADED 
by the Fumetto Comix Fest

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Visible at the Bourbaki Kino in Lucerne from the 4th to the 22nd of April
check it out if you're in the hood


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yo it's out and I'm in it along with loads of cool people :D more info here

an extract:

petites créatures pour l'exposition Galerie de Portraits à la Villa Dutoit à Genève du 15 sept au 8 oct 2017

A    V    A    L    A    N    C    H    E            M    A    K    E    R
enfin cette histoire de cul dans son entièreté, voici plus d'infos
enjoy :*